The Ultimate in Health Restoration is Here.

Extraordinary Times Call For Extraordinary Action.

Aldeia, LLC is proud to present its award-winning, flagship project. Independence Station - located in Independence, Oregon, just 15 minutes from Salem. Independence Station is an extraordinary, ultra-high performance, energy efficient, 57,000 square foot, mixed-use medical facility that is powered primarily by the sun and the austere use of clean-burning North American natural gas. Patients, businesses, visitors, and students will experience what a truly comprehensive, all-systems approach to total body health restoration and healing can truly accomplish. Our mission is to demonstrate, on an open-source basis, that with a little common sense, and an all aspects, synergistic approach, monumental advances in human performance and health restoration can occur.

Selected health and fitness related businesses will have the unique opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind, healthy building of the future.  Sign up early here to be one of the first businesses on our contact list to learn about our all-inclusive health and fitness system that we call SecondLease.

Additionally, addressing National Energy Security and the US trade deficit are of highest priority both now and in the future. While most will agree that breaking our dependence on foreign oil is important, our goal is to break away from the current centralized energy system and demonstrate the future is in decentralized energy. Be a part of history in the making. Join us in helping the USA once again lead the world into the future. 

American ingenuity + tenacity = Independence Station.

We live in a DC (Direct Current) world and don’t realize it. If we are going to make significant impacts in our electricity consumption, DC power microgrids are the key.

Steven Ribeiro